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Guerra Defense is pleased to announce the offering of our brand-new GD-Deflector Series of high performance armor for a variety of unique applications including architectural, vehicular, marine, aviation, personal body armor and more. The core offering of the GD-DEFLECTOR series armor line is ultra-high-performance ceramic composite armor, although other more conventional technologies can be easily supplied. GD-DEFLECTOR series armor has some armor piercing threats while maintaining as well as maintain a level of functional integrity.

GD-DEFLECTOR Series armor is second to none, all with a surprisingly affordable cost to performance ratio. The GD-DEFLECTOR series armor can be tailored to meet your needs for the Weight- Performance Cost – Delta of your armor projects. You can generally have your desire on two, but not all three. GD-DEFLECTOR series armor blazes the trail on bringing that delta into your target. Made in the USA by people with a passion for protection who have extensive expertise in armor innovation and real-world deployment. GD-DEFLECTOR series armor is the new armor solution.


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